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Pre-Plan your funeral – it’s easier than you think.

Pre-arranging and pre-paying a funeral is akin to making a will or taking out life insurance. It takes care of the future. Planning ahead gives you and your family peace of mind, and most importantly, will make things easier for loved ones in their time of grief, hopefully years and years and years down the track.

By pre-arranging and pre-paying your funeral, you can choose the type of service you want at a cost you can afford. On your death, your family does not have to worry about second-guessing your wishes or paying for a funeral at an emotional time – everything is taken care of.

Our Pre-paid Funeral Plan is specifically designed around you, and it couldn’t be more flexible. You can plan and pay for either all or part of your funeral. We offer a guaranteed fixed price for pre-paid funerals, protecting your family from any future price increases that may occur on the funeral arrangements you have selected. You have the option to pay your pre-paid funeral in one amount or by regular instalments over three years. The guaranteed fixed price benefit commences once the pre-paid funeral plan has been fully paid.

There are many benefits of planning ahead as it:

  • Relieves your family of the emotional and financial burden

  • Ensures the cost of the funeral service is fixed at today’s prices

  • Eliminates any confusion and ensures your exact wishes are carried out

  • Allows you to choose the type of memorial, inscription and decorative features you want to be remembered by, and

  • Ensures utmost peace of mind for you and your family.

Planning your funeral is a logical extension of your Will and may assist with pension entitlements. In fact, the money you pay into the plan will not affect your pension as it is not subject to income or assets tests.

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Four steps to pre-planning your funeral

Step 1

You should consider these questions before you pre-arrange your funeral:

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?

  • How do you want your cremated remains (commonly referred to as ashes) memorialised, or alternatively which cemetery would you like to be buried in?

  • Do you want the service in a church, funeral home, chapel or at the cemetery or crematorium?

  • Do you have any particular religious or cultural requirements?

  • Who would you like to conduct the service?

  • Do you have a preference for male or female funeral directors?

  • Are there any special hymns or favourite music you would like played?

  • Is there a particular poem or Bible passage you would like read?

  • Would you like your favourite flowers at the service or would you prefer people made donations to a charity of your choice instead?

  • Do you want an open casket?

  • What type of casket would you prefer?

These are very personal issues - which is why Gregory & Carr Funerals suggest you choose now instead of your family having to make the decisions for you.

Step 2

Make an appointment with one of our funeral arrangers, either at our office or your home. They will provide advice and guide you through the funeral arrangements, step-by-step.

Once you are happy with the arrangements, we will issue you a Pre-Arrangement Certificate, which details all your funeral wishes. You keep the original and in case it’s misplaced or damaged, we will keep a copy at our funeral home.

Step 3

Choose how you would like to pay for the funeral - either as a lump sum or by regular instalments. If you choose the instalment plan, a sufficient deposit is required to activate the contract. With both options, you will pay current prices.

Option 1: Lump sum

Simply pay the full amount of the funeral now. There will be no additional costs.

Option 2: Instalments

If you prefer, you can pay instalments over three years in monthly or quarterly payments. There will be no additional costs once the funeral has been fully paid. In both options, your money is held in trust by Funeral Plan Management Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Ltd. This reputable and well-established Australian Friendly Society has been servicing the financial needs of Australians for over 150 years. It is one of the largest Friendly Societies within Australia with assets and funds under management exceeding $1 billion.

Step 4

Advise your family, partner or your legal representative about any arrangements you have made and the location of these documents. We recommend filing your My Funeral Wishes form with other important personal or legal documents.

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Funeral Wishes

For every person who dies, there is another who, in all their sorrow and confusion, must make the difficult decisions involved in planning a funeral. To lighten the burden on your family, it makes sense to write down exactly how you would like your funeral to go. You can decide now whether you want to be buried or cremated and what type of service you’d like. You can even choose the music to be played at the service.

To make this as easy as possible, we have created a simple form that allows you to make your wishes known. Once completed, you can keep this with your other important documents and let your family know of its whereabouts.

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Choosing A Funeral Director

A Funeral Director is no different to any other professional person whom you may need to call on for a specialised service, such as a doctor, solicitor or accountant. You should carefully consider their qualifications, facilities and ability to service your needs. We adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Practice designed to meet both community needs and expectations in all aspects of service delivery.

Our Code of Ethics:

  • To maintain the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct

  • To respect in all circumstances the confidentiality and trust placed in us by our clients and members of the public

  • To ensure staff are qualified and competent

  • To ensure that facilities are adequate for all services rendered to the community

  • To provide information concerning the range of services available, the prices of these services, and the functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of our clients

  • To give a written estimate of all funeral charges and disbursements to be made on a client's behalf at the time of taking instructions, or as soon as is practicable

  • To respect the personal choice of clients and have regard for their diversity of beliefs in religious and cultural practices

  • To ensure that all advertising is in good taste and directed to informing the public

  • To be thoroughly conversant with the laws of the land as they apply to a funeral service and allied industries and professions

  • To provide access to a clients' advisory service with conciliation and arbitration arrangements available to help resolve any disputes which arise between members and their clients.

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