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A funeral is an important occasion where family and friends can pay tribute to a special person. It is a time to reflect and should be a memorable occasion.

It is important the funeral allows family and friends an opportunity to share special memories, as well as acknowledge the life and accomplishments of the deceased.

As professional funeral directors, we can suggest many ways to personalise the service. Rest assured, we'll know what to do.

You might want to consider the following suggestions:

  • Have your loved one's favourite music, photos and flowers at the service (you may want a family member to place a rose on the coffin or in the grave).

  • Provide the officiating minister or civil celebrant with details about the life of the deceased so that fond memories can be shared.

  • Involve family and friends in the eulogy, religious readings or singing.

  • Arrange for clubs and associations to attend and pay their last respects.

  • If the deceased was an ex-service person, we can arrange for the Australian flag or an army, navy or air force service flag to be placed over the coffin, or for a guard of honour. We can arrange for the Last Post to be played and the Poppy service.

  • If the deceased was an ex-service person from another country, we can arrange for a flag from their country to be placed over the coffin.

  • Place personal items that reflect the life of the deceased on, or inside, the coffin.

  • Ask close friends to be pallbearers. Most would be honoured to do so.

  • Arrange for the funeral to be video taped. Relatives and friends who are unable to attend will be most appreciative.

  • Hand out memorial cards as a special memento for those attending the funeral.

  • Organise for family and friends to gather and share memories after the funeral service.

  • Send out thank you cards to show your appreciation to those who attended the funeral and for their support.

We can help you select from a range of floral tributes and will return all floral tribute cards to you.

These are just a few options and you may have many more. Please talk to us about your ideas to add a personal touch to the service.

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