Q: Is cremation dearer than burial?

A: No. Generally the cost of a grave is much higher than the fee charged for cremation. The funeral director’s charges are much the same for both services. With cremation there are no later costs for headstones, grave care etc., which arise with burial. Note burial in Vaults or Crypts will require maintenance in perpetuity so choose carefully when considering above ground interment.

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Q: What do I do now?

A: When a Death Occurs

Many people don't know who to contact when someone dies. In most instances, it will depend on where and how the person dies. The following provides a guide as to what the next step should be when a death occurs.

When someone dies in a hospital or nursing home...

In this instance, the Director of Nursing, Sister or Nurse in Charge will be able to help you with the formalities and will make arrangements for the Doctor to issue a death certificate.

If the deceased is to be cremated, you should notify the hospital or nursing home immediately, as further information needs to be prepared by the Doctor.

Advising them of this decision early will save possible delays.

Also, contact us as soon as possible so we can begin liaising with the nursing home or hospital and making the necessary arrangements.

When someone dies at home...

If a relative or friend dies at home, the first person you should contact is their Doctor. If the Doctor has treated the deceased in the past three months and can confirm the cause of death, they can issue a death certificate.

The next step is to contact us. We can arrange for the deceased to be transferred to our funeral home and attend to any other arrangements on your behalf.

When someone dies suddenly...

If the death is sudden or accidental, or the cause of death cannot be confirmed, it is the Doctor's responsibility to notify the police. In these cases, it is important the deceased is not moved or disturbed in any way without the authorisation of the Coroner. The police will contact a government appointed funeral home to transfer the deceased from the place of death to the Coroner's mortuary.

The Coroner will then investigate and determine the cause of death, which may involve a post mortem examination. This procedure may slightly delay the funeral arrangements until the necessary clearance is obtained.

In these circumstances, it is still your right and responsibility to contact the funeral director of your choice so they can attend to the funeral arrangements in line with your wishes.

When someone dies interstate or overseas...

As a large number of people travel today, it is quite possible that a death may occur away from home. If this happens, you should notify us immediately so that we can make arrangements to transport the deceased home, and attend to any statutory or customs requirements.

It is also common for people who were born overseas to want to return to their homeland for burial. Again, you should contact us immediately, as this can be an extensive process of liaising with the Consulate General of the deceased's homeland and relevant Australian government departments. We can prepare and process the necessary documentation on your behalf.

When should you call us...

Regardless of the circumstances at the time of death, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. Our experienced staff are available 24 hours a day.

Once the cause of death has been confirmed, we can begin making the funeral arrangements. Our commitment to providing the highest standard of service ensures the arrangements are made with professionalism, empathy and respect for your wishes and those of the deceased.

Our range of services - how we can help you

Our staff has many years of experience in helping families create a memorable funeral. Our professional expertise and knowledge ensures our services meet all your requirements.

As funeral directors we provide a wide range of services to help ease the burden in your time of need. We are not restricted to providing only the services listed below so if there is a special request, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.

We will know what to do.

  • Our highly trained staff can organise funerals locally, intrastate, interstate and overseas.

  • At any time of the day, we can arrange for the deceased to be placed in our care.

  • At a convenient time and place, we can meet with you to discuss the funeral arrangements.

  • The option of using all female, all male or a combination of funeral directors is available, ensuring all the funeral arrangements are handled by the people you feel most comfortable with.

  • We can liaise with clergy or a celebrant regarding the type of service you prefer, and the date, time and place.

  • We can help you choose a coffin or casket from our large range.

  • Our staff can obtain the burial or cremation certificate from the Doctor or Coroner.

  • We will organise a time and place for a burial or cremation.

  • On your behalf, we can complete registration details with the Government Registrar and, if required, arrange and pay for certified copies of the death certificate.

  • If the deceased wished to donate their organs, we can assist you in contacting the relevant authorities.

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Q: How fast can you put a funeral together?

A: Once paperwork has been released we can arrange a funeral in 24 hours subject to the availability of facilities. Please discuss your needs so we can give you the best advice.

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Q: Can you explain the choices between a burial and cremation?

A: Why are more and more people choosing cremation? There are many factors, including:

  • personal or spiritual philosophy

  • environmental philosophy

  • simplicity or convenience

  • economy

  • greater acceptance now among many religions

  • people are more likely to live away from their family roots (jobs, retirement, living, etc.)

Cremation is a centuries-old funeral rite which is again growing in preference. It's the rite of preference in Australia.

When choosing cremation as a part of your pre-planned arrangements, important considerations should be given to a few specific issue.

How are cremation services different from regular burial services? They're not. Services with cremation are the same as with earth burial, unless you prefer something different. It's your choice to make—your funeral, if you will.

Whatever you choose—casket and burial or cremation—family and friends need time to grieve and to say good-bye. This is the reason for funeral services—to support the living through the pain and loneliness of loss to acceptance and resolution.

Cremation and burial offer the same services, including music, prayers, and recitations of your choice. You can having viewing and visitation arrangements, with an open or closed casket (or no casket at all) for as long or as short a period as you wish.

Here are a few other services and options for your funeral or memorial service:

Reception for Family and Friends

  • At the funeral home

  • At your church

  • In your home

  • At another location that is special to the family or to the deceased

Your local funeral director can assist you with these arrangements.

Memorial or Prayer Service

  • A service of remembrance (like a funeral)

  • With or without the urn or casket present

  • Whenever you choose

  • With whomever you choose

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Q: Can you tell me the cost of a cremation and burial?

A:As a funeral is designed to meet your chosen needs, the costs will vary depending on the style and how elaborate you want the funeral to be. Cremations are approximately $6900 and Burials the same, plus the burial plot. These estimates vary depending on the level of service and options included. Coffins/ Caskets range from $1500 up to $15,000.

You will receive a written quote and we request that you pay the third party costs at the time of the funeral arrangement or at least a 50% deposit to cover 3rd party fees. We have included a number of links that detail the services we provide. It is important to advise our funeral director if a pre-paid funeral plan existed for the deceased.

To ensure you get the best price we off our Price Promise:

At Gregory & Carr Funerals we make the promise that you’ll pay no more for our quality service.

It’s our Price Promise, and your guarantee that we will never knowingly be undersold. So you can be confident that our prices are as low as you’ll find.

The Gregory & Carr Price Promise applies right across Sydney – no exceptions – if our competitors quote the same funeral service, we will meet their price, and still offer our unrivalled service.

It’s just another part of the delivery of Sydney’s most caring and professional funeral service.

If you would like further clarification in terms of costs or to arrange a pre-paid funeral plan please give us a call on 02 9498 4455.

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Q: Where can I have the funeral service?

A: Anywhere you choose as long as the relevant authority approves the Funeral service, for example – in a park.

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Q: What is the cost of a funeral?

A: Cremations are approximately $6900 and Burials the same, plus the burial plot & Cemetery Fees. These estimates vary depending on the level of service and options included. Coffins / Caskets range from $1500 up to $15,000.

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Q: Where will you be taking my loved ones?

A: Once we have clearance your loved one will stay with us at our funeral home in Gordon NSW 2076.

Here we have accommodation and Mortuary care to ensure dignity at all times. We don’t use 3rd party cold stores.

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Q: What’s included in the professional fees?

A: Professional Service Fee:

Including, but not limited to: Assisting the family in arranging and personalising the service. Explain the choices suitable to the families needs and budget and providing a quote subject to final costs; arrange any special requirements discussed with the family; availability of professionally trained staff twenty four hours a day, seven days a week; responsible, sensitive and comprehensive care for and preparation of the deceased; liaising with and booking and briefing clergy/celebrant; crematoria; florists; newspapers; paying all bills on behalf of the family and issuing an invoice for the same; arranging and coordinating and attending the funeral; attending to and timely processing of all relevant administration and legal documentation such as death certificates and doctors certificates; attend to mourners at the service, recording of names, passing out orders of service, assist with the elderly and infirmed, arrange and collect flowers, cards, flags, personal items, photos, music and the like; and the associated overheads and costs that are required to deliver the highest level of professional service to, and integrity for, your loved ones.

Note: Special prices are quoted and apply to Saturday Funerals. This is a minimum set fee.

Essential mortuary Care and Facilities and Equipment:

The provision of specially trained staff and the use of approved facilities and equipment including mortuary, mortuary equipment, preparation and viewing room facilities; arrangement rooms and administrative support areas as are required under our essential services inclusions.

This is a minimum set fee

Essential Transportation and Logistics Fee:

Use of specialised approved vehicles and transportation; transfer of the deceased from the place of death (*conditions apply); provision and operation of specially approved hearse and a car (if required) for clergy on the day of the funeral.

* Out of Sydney metropolitan area and Country transfers attract additional fees.

This is a minimum set fee and includes the essential service inclusions

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Q: What are your methods of payments?

A: We accept EFTPOS and all credit cards, cash, cheques and direct debit.

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Q: Will you (the arranger) be present at the funeral?

A: This depends on the logistics on the day. If not, the arranger will call you the day before and advise who will be your conductor on the day. If you have a strong preference please request your arranger to attend the service.

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Q: How do I know that I am receiving my loved ones ashes?

A: Cremators generally comprise two chambers and a cooling tray The coffin is cremated within the first chamber. In accordance with Health Department Regulations, coffins must be cremated separately, or in other words, only one coffin is ever placed inside the first cremation chamber at any one time.

At the completion of this initial phase of the cremation process the remains are relocated to the second chamber to remove any ash from the coffin itself. Once this has been completed the remnants of the deceased are placed into a cooling tray. When cooled, metallic contents (such as prostheses, coffin nails etc) are removed, collected and interred within the grounds of the crematorium.

Commonly cremated remains are referred to as ‘ashes’. However, technically there are no ashes, what are left are the fragile calcified bone fragments.

The cremated remains are transferred to a processor to reduce the bone fragments to a fine granule type consistency which in turn is placed in a sealed container. The name plate and an identifying label are attached.

The container accommodates all of the cremated remains. In the unusual event that an ash container is insufficient to hold all of the ashes, an extra container is used.

Ash containers are held until instructions are received from the family or applicant.

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Q: Where can we meet to discuss the funeral?

A: Anywhere, anytime you choose.

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Q: Do you offer catering?

A: Yes.

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Q: When can you get the death certificate?

A: Normally 4 weeks after the service – times may vary depending on Births Deaths & Marriages (BDM) Government agency efficiency.

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Q: Do you offer weekend funerals?

A: Only on Saturdays – everything’s closed on Sundays.

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Q: Do you offer finance?

A: Yes - Gregory & Carr Funerals have a range of finance options available and is another service offered to you.

We have partnered with CFA Funeral Finance to offer tailored finance options if you don’t wish to use your own money.

Gregory & Carr Funerals and CFA believes in old fashioned service ensuring that our clients are treated with understanding and respect, especially during this difficult time after losing a loved one.

Just a few of the benefits of the Funeral Finance Solution are:

  • Flexible Repayment arrangements

  • No early exit penalties applicable (e.g. if you repay the loan in 12 months, you only pay interest for that period)

  • 90 day bereavement period before the first payment is due

  • No deposit or up front fees are required

  • 100% of invoice financed

  • Approvals within 4 hours

  • Easy Re-Draw facility available

Please contact us if you are interested in talking to us about finance options.

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Q: Do I have to place an ad in the newspaper?

A: No. An ad however is a good communication channel to give attendees to the service the details. The ads also include the funeral directors details (at no cost to you) so those who have queries can contact the funeral director and we can look after the queries (like parking, disabled access and the like) on your behalf.

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Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

A: Yes 50% of the total estimate with the balance paid asap after the arrangement. Note we do not purchase burial plots – this will need to be done direct with the cemetery.

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Q: Do I need to have a minister or celebrant?

A: Choosing a minister of religion or civil celebrant to undertake a funeral service is important as they provide a celebration of the life of the deceased through appropriate and comforting words and rituals. As with choosing a funeral director, the following should be considered when making your choice:

  • The formal training they have had

  • The extent of their experience

  • Good or bad comments you may have heard about them from family, friends or acquaintances

  • If it is someone that you feel comfortable with, as they will be leading you and other people attending the service through a grieving process

  • Their ability to communicate clearly their ideas and plans for the funeral service so that there are no unpleasant surprises during the service

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Q: Can I have a viewing? And will they be dressed?

A:Yes and you can provide their favorite clothes. A "viewing" is a time when the body is present and friends and family can come and say last farewells. "Visiting hours" are usually a set time when friends and family can gather to commiserate and share recollections of the dead person's life. The body may or may not be present at "visiting hours." Once, bodies were kept at home and the life of the family continued around the dead. Now, it is much more common for the body to be at a funeral home. Even with cremations, the visiting hours are often at a funeral home. Families can arrange these things in other ways, but they usually are willing to do whatever the funeral home director makes readily available.

Those who come to see family and say their farewells will usually be expected to sign a guest book, to approach the body if it is present, and to speak as appropriate to the closest friends and family. Some traditions are more rigid or more openly emotional, but one can usually see those variations fairly quickly. Usually visitors can count on being forgiven for a certain awkwardness, and being gratefully received in the community of the bereaved. It is hard to offend anyone if you are trying charitably to share in grief.

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Q: What happens to the jewelry before the actual cremation occurs?

A:This is your decision – it is not removed if you request this. If you request removal we return the jewelry to you.

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Q: Do I need to have a service?

A:No. However, the funeral has become an important ceremonial custom to pay tribute to the life of the deceased and provide support for the bereaved. It is an opportunity for family and friends to publicly express their love and to share their grief with others. It is a natural progression in the grieving process.

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